Vinyasa Yoga

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa, derived from Sanskrit, means “to place in a special way.” Vinyasa Yoga commonly uses a series of yoga asanas, or poses, that flow from one into the next, to create a moving meditation that connects body, mind, and breath. Vinyasa style yoga classes are a refreshing way to focus the mind, activate breath, build muscle strength, increase flexibility, and balance energy.

What to expect:

Vinyasa Yoga classes begin by connecting to the breath and activating the body with gentle stretches. We then move into building heat, strength, balance, and flexibility through mindful movement –connecting the breath with a series of standing poses, twists, and core work. We complete our active practice with seated folds and stretches to cool the body and calm the nervous system. We end class with a blissful “savasana,” a supine resting pose that seals your practice, releases tension, and allows energy to move gently and freely throughout the body. 

Please bring your own Yoga Mat. However, we do have Yoga mats that you can borrow. 


Top Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need any special yoga clothes for class. Comfortable, breathable workout clothes are fine.  Yoga is practiced barefoot, so you don’t even need socks or sneakers during your practice!

You will need to bring a yoga mat to class. You may also want to bring some water to stay hydrated and a small towel in case you work up a sweat. Yoga blocks and straps will be available for your use.

This is an open-level class, appropriate for beginners, as well as intermediate and experienced practitioners. Adaptations will be offered throughout classes to allow you to access all the poses safely at any level. You may even notice that you gain flexibility with every class!

Vinyasa Yoga is not the same as a Power Yoga class. The movements in this class are aligned to the breath and the pace is slow and intentional. While some poses may be challenging, since you are holding your own body weight, working with your balance, and building heat, there is a gentle rhythm to Vinyasa classes, with natural transitions that build up steadily to a peak and then resolve back into stillness.  

Yes.  One on one coaching is available a’ La Carte for $65 for 30 minutes. $95 for one hour.  You may also buy packages and receive session discounts.  

Call (914) 751-6655 for more information.

Meet Sam

Yoga One on One

Unlike group classes, private yoga sessions are the perfect way to receive a customized experience tailored to meet your needs and goals. One-on-one sessions are great for:

    • Beginners who want to gain enough confidence to join a group class

    • Injury prevention or pain reduction

    • Increased flexibility

    • Increased strength

    • Stress-relief

    • Emotion regulation

    • Meditation and Mindfulness

    • Or if you’re just curious about yoga!

We create an individualized experience to help you overcome mental, emotional, and physical obstacles present in your life for the sake of living the life that you want.

30 minutes 65
60 minutes 95