Small Group Personal Training

Small group training splits the cost of a personal trainer yet keeps you engaged and working with a personal trainer.

Aerial Silks Fitness

Aerial Silks Fitness
Aerial Silks is an alternative style of fitness suitable for any individual regardless of gender, age, body type, fitness level or range of flexibility. It is unique in that it is not only a workout to increase strength and flexibility, but also exercise cognitive skills and problem solving with the addition of the apparatus. Because of the endless possibilities of different movement of skills on the apparatus, workouts never become mundane or boring, but quite the opposite, more exciting and fun!

Tuesday 6:30 PM – Beginner
Tuesday 7:30 PM – Level 1
Wednesday 6:30 PM – Level 2/3
Wednesday 7:30 PM – Beginner
Saturday 12:30 PM – Beginner
Saturday 1:30 PM – Level 2/3
Sunday 12:30 PM – Beginner
Sunday 1:30 PM – Level 1

Want to train like a warrior? In this beast workout you’ll be inside, outdoors, and using anything you can find to intensify your workouts. Guaranteed to make you faster and stronger, the Gladiator School is not designed for the traditional gym rat.

Saturday at 10:00 AM

Get ripped with this fun, high energy complete body workout. Boxing is not all about throwing punches, you’ll improve speed, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and agility. With gloves, mitts, and an incredible trainer, you’re going to fall in love with this program!

Thursday at 5:00 PM
Saturday at 9:00 AM

Designed to tone, trim and transform the body with a fusion of ballet, pilates and resistance training. By blending dynamic movement with calorie blasting cardio, Vbarre targets those trouble zones by delivering one powerful workout.

Saturday at 8:00 AM

High Intensity Interval Training is the best exercise program for people on the go! Fit a workout in your busy day with this 30 minute training program that combines all the  components of fitness for optimal gains. This all-inclusive program even includes a post-workout recovery shake.

Friday at 6:00 AM

Free Training Demo

To register for your complimentary demo in one of our small group training programs, fill out the form below, and a fitness consultant will reach out to you shortly. *Participation limited to one demo per program.

For any questions or concerns pertaining to our small group training program or schedule, please contact Fitness Director, Christopher Daly.

Benefits of Small Group Training (SGT)

Personal Attention – Your trainer will be monitoring you to correct form, and ensure you’re exercising to achieve maximal results.

More Economical – This is going to fit your budget better, while still giving you the personal attention and support you need to be successful.

Adherence – You are more likely to establish a consistent routine.

Greater Focus – No time to let your mind wander with the trainer keeping tight programming, and watching your every move.

Variety – Your workouts will change as you progress, preventing boredom or hitting a plateau.

Motivation – You’re going to develop a strong camaraderie with the others in the group, which will make you push harder than you would on your own.

Results– Commitment to a program yields better results.