Small Group Personal Training

Small group training splits the cost of a personal trainer yet keeps you engaged and working with a personal trainer.

Aerial Silks Fitness

Aerial Silks Fitness
Aerial Silks is an alternative style of fitness suitable for any individual regardless of gender, age, body type, fitness level or range of flexibility. It is unique in that it is not only a workout to increase strength and flexibility, but also exercise cognitive skills and problem solving with the addition of the apparatus. Because of the endless possibilities of different movement of skills on the apparatus, workouts never become mundane or boring, but quite the opposite, more exciting and fun!

Tuesday 6:30 PM – Beginner
Tuesday 7:30 PM – Level 1
Wednesday 6:30 PM – Level 2/3
Wednesday 7:30 PM – Beginner
Saturday 12:30 PM – Beginner
Saturday 1:30 PM – Level 2/3
Sunday 12:30 PM – Beginner
Sunday 1:30 PM – Level 1

Want to train like a warrior? In this beast workout you’ll be inside, outdoors, and using anything you can find to intensify your workouts. Guaranteed to make you faster and stronger, the Gladiator School is not designed for the traditional gym rat.

Saturday at 10:00 AM

Get ripped with this fun, high energy complete body workout. Boxing is not all about throwing punches, you’ll improve speed, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and agility. With gloves, mitts, and an incredible trainer, you’re going to fall in love with this program!

Thursday at 5:00 PM
Saturday at 9:00 AM

Designed to tone, trim and transform the body with a fusion of ballet, pilates and resistance training. By blending dynamic movement with calorie blasting cardio, Vbarre targets those trouble zones by delivering one powerful workout.

Saturday at 8:00 AM

High Intensity Interval Training is the best exercise program for people on the go! Fit a workout in your busy day with this 30 minute training program that combines all the  components of fitness for optimal gains. This all-inclusive program even includes a post-workout recovery shake.

Friday at 6:00 AM

Free Training Demo

To register for your complimentary demo in one of our small group training programs, fill out the form below, and a fitness consultant will reach out to you shortly. *Participation limited to one demo per program.

For any questions or concerns pertaining to our small group training program or schedule, please contact Fitness Director, Christopher Daly.

Benefits of Small Group Training (SGT)

Personal Attention – Your trainer will be monitoring you to correct form, and ensure you’re exercising to achieve maximal results.

More Economical – This is going to fit your budget better, while still giving you the personal attention and support you need to be successful.

Adherence – You are more likely to establish a consistent routine.

Greater Focus – No time to let your mind wander with the trainer keeping tight programming, and watching your every move.

Variety – Your workouts will change as you progress, preventing boredom or hitting a plateau.

Motivation – You’re going to develop a strong camaraderie with the others in the group, which will make you push harder than you would on your own.

Results– Commitment to a program yields better results.

Meet the Trainers

Working with a NASM, ACSM, and NSCA certified personal trainer is the safest and most effective way to meet your health and fitness goals.


Fitness trainer / Specialist NY Baseball Academy

Winter has been a professional fitness trainer for the past 7 years, and has worked as a Baseball Infield Specialist at the New York Baseball Academy for over 10 years. He received a certification from the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT). He also holds a BS in MIS from SUNY Old Westbury, and is in the process of completing a master degree in Physical Ed. Winter played a few years of Semi-pro baseball in different leagues in California and Texas. Growing up as a kid and playing many different sports, made him realize how important fitness and wellness is in our everyday lives. It can shape our thoughts and moods into positive and creative experiences. Winter strongly believes that having a goal is of extreme importance, but most essentially is taking the necessary steps to achieve it. “Every Journey begins with a single step, but you will never finish if you don’t start”

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NASM certified personal trainer​ / boxing instructor

Many people begin a fitness program hoping to look, and feel better. Diego is passionate about helping them reach their goals. This is why he became a NASM certified personal trainer. Coming from an Argentinean family of soccer players, some of which were lucky enough to play professionally, like his father, soccer became his first and foremost passion. His love for sports didn’t end with soccer, he also boxed in the amateurs for 6 years, competing in several top level tournaments. Diego’s programs generally incorporate all that he has learned throughout the years as a top performing athlete. All of which, provide strategies to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and maintain a general balance.

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certified personal trainer / Yoga Instructor / USA boxing coach

Rachel has a bachelor degree in exercise physiology. She is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and USA boxing coach. Rachel has spent the last decade working with clients of every age, fitness level, and injury background. Her goal is to push you just passed what is comfortable, to guarantee the best results safely, efficiently, and while having fun. She loves, and enjoys her job tremendously. Watching her client’s progress every day makes it that much more rewarding. When she’s not training, you’d be likely to find her running, learning, laughing, or playing with dogs!

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Chris C.

Parisi Speed School Coach

To say that Chris was an athlete his entire life would be a complete overstatement. In middle school he constantly struggled with his weight, and motivation. Chris was, and still is a huge sports fan. He had the heart to play, but lacked the physicality. His transformation started with a modest coach at the Parisi Speed School, and it was the inspiration he needed. Chris lost weight, gained strength, and learned the various techniques needed to think and maneuver like a better athlete. His time here truly propelled his athletic career, and his passion for psychical fitness. Without the Parisi Speed School Chris would have never obtained collegiate level offers to play soccer, or realized his passion for Sports Management Studies. Chris became a Parisi Coach to give back, and to help teach, train, and inspire the next generation!

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Parisi Speed School Coach


personal Trainer / extreme sports / exercise science​

Gerard developed a love for fitness through years of extreme sports as a kid. He was always skateboarding and BMX riding. Later, this diversified to include lacrosse, boxing, strength training, and yoga. After graduating with a degree in exercise science, his career has progressed as a personal trainer. Gerard is focused on helping people to improve their lives physically and mentally through building healthy lifestyles. He loves to share his knowledge on meditation, psychology, fitness and nutrition. He believes constantly challenging one’s self will help to reach levels of fulfillment that never seemed possible.

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certified personal trainer

Roman loves helping people feel good through exercise. He enjoys being a part of their journey to achieve their goals and push their limits. In his spare time Roman likes to read training articles, stretch daily, and learn new recipes for meal prepping. His ambition is to guide people into a healthy lifestyle while improving his own.

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Certified Personal Trainer NASM

Back in the 1960’s when his Long Island neighborhood had enough kids on a moments notice to field two entire baseball teams, Ken Murphy began his life as an athlete. He went on to play Division III college football and played baseball through his mid-forties and softball into his early fifties. He also coached teams for his three daughters in softball and basketball, and considers the title “Coach” an honor second only to “Dad”. 

When a shoulder injury curtailed his ball playing, Ken started to really appreciate the challenges of maintaining a regiment of fitness, and started to think about healthy options for fitness in aging. At fifty-two he began training in the martial arts, and earned a black belt in Karate at 57. It was also at this time that he started his studies to become an accredited Personal Trainer, and became certified through the National Association of Sports Medicine.

As he begins to transition from his business career in the financial services industry, he is looking forward to his new coaching assignment. Whether just starting out, or adapting to new fitness challenges, Ken Murphy is ready to support and educate others to maintain their fitness goals at any age. Ken understands the biggest challenge is often getting started and confidence, and he knows how to foster the faith that it is never too late to get fit.

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Parisi Speed School Coach

Steven’s fitness journey began with soccer at the age of 6. Fitness was then a cornerstone for his childhood and adolescence. While soccer remained a primary focus, he participated in track, lacrosse, baseball and basketball. With inspiration from his brother, Steven developed his current love for bodybuilding and strength training. He wants to share his love for fitness as a Parisi Coach and help guide young athletes to their true potential. 

Steven also has a creative side that includes photography, videography, and graphic design. He loves to create and explore, these hobbies give him that opportunity. 

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