Individualized programming to deliver maximum results.

Train safely and effectively under the guidance of our certified fitness professionals. Our team of personal trainers will provide you with the motivation, support, and accountability to establish long-term lifestyle changes.
We have a variety of personal training packages available, please contact our fitness director for more information.

Meet The Trainers

Christopher Daly

I am the Fitness Director, and Master Trainer here at Equalize Fitness. I have been a professional trainer for 22 years. Aside from my Bachelors’ degree, I also hold a NASM certification and have accrued other certifications ranging from Pre-Post Natal, AI Stretching and Medical Exercise Specialist. I assisted in the Bio-Mechanics portion of an internationally renowned weight loss book.
Chris has held management level positions at Equinox and New York Sports Clubs. He was the youngest Master Trainer and Fitness Program Manager NYSC had ever appointed. Some of his hobbies are skydiving, scuba diving, automotive and target shooting. Christopher believes fitness is a life style change and is forever evolving.
To set up a consultation with Chris, please contact him directly.chris@equalizefitness.com

Cal Pagano

Being a product of the Parisi Speed School taught Cal the proper speed and strength techniques needed to excel in high school sports, and ultimately afforded him the opportunity to play football at the collegiate level.  His passion to educate and empower young adults inspired him to become a high school teacher and coach.  Being an educator and coach has allowed Cal the opportunity to share his knowledge both in the classroom, and on the field of play.  Cal believes that the Parisi Speed School is a great resource to build an athlete’s speed, strength, agility, quickness, balance and coordination. The broader the base of knowledge and techniques an athlete has on speed and strength, the greater the chance that athlete has to reach their full athletic potential.

Diego Benito

Many people begin a fitness program hoping to look, and feel better. Diego is passionate about helping them reach their goals. This is why he became a NASM certified personal trainer. Coming from an Argentinean family of soccer players, some of which were lucky enough to play professionally, like his father, soccer became his first and foremost passion. His love for sports didn’t end with soccer, he also boxed in the amateurs for 6 years, competing in several top level tournaments. Diego’s programs generally incorporate all that he has learned throughout the years as a top performing athlete. All of which, provide strategies to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and maintain a general balance.

Gerard Vandernoot

Gerard developed a love for fitness through years of extreme sports as a kid. He was always skateboarding and BMX riding. Later, this diversified to include lacrosse, boxing, strength training, and yoga. After graduating with a degree in exercise science, his career has progressed as a personal trainer. Gerard is focused on helping people to improve their lives physically and mentally through building healthy lifestyles. He loves to share his knowledge on meditation, psychology, fitness and nutrition. He believes constantly challenging one’s self will help to reach levels of fulfillment that never seemed possible.

Kelly Bautista

Growing up I wanted to work in a field where I was going to help others. Fitness and sports have been a lifelong passion, as I’ve played sports from the age of 6 through college, and have always been extremely athletic. After the birth of my daughter it was hard to keep up with my fitness routine, and I gained a lot of weight. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I was able to get back on track. Since then, I have lost all my baby weight, and more, for a total of 76 lbs! It was during my personal weight loss journey that I decided to become a certified personal trainer. Having an integral role in my client’s growth and success is the most amazing feeling. When I’m not training, I love to be outside being active, or doing fun thing with my daughter!

Rachel Plucinski

Rachel has a bachelor degree in exercise physiology. She is also a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and USA boxing coach. Rachel has spent the last decade working with clients of every age, fitness level, and injury background. Her goal is to push you just passed what is comfortable, to guarantee the best results safely, efficiently, and while having fun. She loves, and enjoys her job tremendously. Watching her client’s progress every day makes it that much more rewarding. When she’s not training, you’d be likely to find her running, learning, laughing, or playing with dogs!

Vita Limato

With an affinity for all things fitness and a will to inspire and help others, I’ve made fitness a priority. A NASM certified personal trainer since the age of 20, I also figure skated competitively as a child, and now coach young skaters at Murray’s Skating Center. I am a seasoned bodybuilder, pilates buff, train under professional boxer Darren Goodall, and was among the first group of trainers to be TRX certified in the entire country! I strive to pass on the knowledge and determination that gives me the courage to be confident & unapologetic in my own fitness life. Whether you’re a beginner or have been at it for some time, I will get your body AND your mind right!

Winter Adames

Winter has  been a professional fitness trainer for the past 7 years, and has worked as a Baseball Infield Specialist at the New York Baseball Academy for over 10 years. He received a certification from the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT). He also holds a BS in MIS from SUNY Old Westbury, and is in the process of completing a master degree in Physical Ed. Winter played a few years of Semi-pro baseball in different leagues in California and Texas. Growing up as a kid and playing many different sports, made him realize how important fitness and wellness is in our everyday lives.  It can shape our thoughts and moods into positive and creative experiences.  Winter strongly believes that having a goal is of extreme importance, but most essentially is taking the necessary steps to achieve it.  “Every Journey begins with a single step, but you will never finish if you don’t start”