Health Coach

Health Coaching Services

As a certified Health Coach, Tamara is trained to help EQ clients make health-related behavioral changes, offer practical nutrition guidance, and develop structured exercise programs. Behavior change is achieved through personalized goal setting, education, motivation, support, and progressions. The World Health Organization defines health as a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. As such, Tamara keeps her clients’ values, priorities, and lifestyles in mind with the intention of helping them increase wholeness in all areas of life.  Tamara works collaboratively with the EQ Team of Trainers and Coaches to assure optimal results.

College / University

  • Southern New Hampshire University
    Social Psychology & Organizational Leadership

Certifications – 

  • American Council on Exercise
  • Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)

BIO – Tamara is a dynamic health and fitness professional with nearly 10 years of coaching experience. She holds certifications in health coaching, behavior change, personal training, women’s fitness, and neurolinguistic programming. Tamara has also partnered with the NYC Department of Health and other local organizations to coordinate wellness programs and workshops for people in underserved communities.

Tamara’s personal wellness transformation began in 2004. She embarked on a health and fitness journey resulting in a 100-pound weight loss and a transformed relationship with her body and her life. Her strengths-based style of coaching is rooted in the belief that everyone has what it takes to realize their health and wellness goals with joy and meaning. Her compassionate and relatable approach comes from her personal experiences with the challenges of making lifestyle changes, which also adds a unique depth of insight and understanding that clients love.

Overcoming Wellness Setbacks

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