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It’s our members that make Equalize Fitness the best health club in Westchester, and we hope that you agree! We think that your friends and family would enjoy working out here just as much as you do. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout buddy?

Simply fill out the information below, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy! As a thank you from us, we’ll award you with a $50 Amazon Gift Card when they join!




Main Studio

6:00 AMVirtual BodyPumpUltimate ConditioningVirtual GRIT CardioUltimate ConditioningVirtual BodyCombat
8:00 AMVirtual BodyFlowVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowPilates MatPilates N More
9:00 AMUltimate ConditioningVirtual CXworxPiloxingVirtual GRIT StrengthBodyPumpUltimate ConditioningZumba Fitness
9:30 AMZumba FitnessZumba Fitness
10:00 AMCardio Abs XpressStretch XpressHatha Yoga 1Zumba ToningBodyPump
10:30 AMVirtual BodyFlowVinyasa FlowYoga Flow
11:00 AMSTRONG by ZumbaYoga
12:00 PMVirtual BodyPumpVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowVirtual BodyCombat
12:30 PMVirtual GRIT StrengthVirtual CXworx
3:30 PMVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowVirtual GRIT Strength
4:30 PMPilates SculptCardio FusionZumbaStep & SculptZumba Fitness
5:30 PMKickboxingJumptoneBooty BootcampTabataBodyPump
6:30 PMUltimate ConditioningBodyPump
Piloxing H.I.I.T.Yoga101Pilates Sculpt
7:30 PMZumba FitnessSTRONG by ZumbaYoga FlowZumba Fitness

Spin Studio

6:00 AMVirtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling
8:00 AMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingCyclingVirtual Cycling
9:00 AMSuper CyclingSuper Cycling
10:00 AMCyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingSuper Cycling
10:15 AMVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
12:30 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
4:00 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
5:30 PMVirtual CyclingCyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingCycling
6:30 PMSuper CyclingCyclingCyclingSuper CyclingVirtual Cycling 30 mins
7:45 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling

Small Group PT

6:00 AMHIIT & Run
6:15 AMHIIT & Run
8:00 AMVbarreHIIT & Run
9:00 AMGladiator SchoolKnockout
10:00 AMGladiator School
5:00 PMKnockout
7:00 PMGladiator SchoolGladiator School