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It’s our members that make Equalize Fitness the best health club in Westchester, and we hope that you agree! We think that your friends and family would enjoy working out here just as much as you do. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout buddy?

Simply fill out the information below, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy! As a thank you from us, we’ll award you with a FREE month of membership, and a FREE small group training sessions when they join!


It’s a real pleasure to have you as a member. We are actively developing new ways to improve your experience, and motivate you to reach your health and fitness potential. That’s why we’re excited to offer Equalize Rewards, an exciting and completely complimentary member loyalty program that earns you valuable points that you can redeem for exciting prizes like home appliances, electronics, club services, club logo merchandise and much,much more. Please click on the link below to activate your Equalize Rewards account. We will award you 250 points just for activating your account!


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Main Studio

6:00 AMUltimate ConditioningUltimate Conditioning
8:00 AMPilates Mat
9:00 AMUltimate Body ConditioningPiloxingZumba and MoreBodypumpUltimate Body ConditioningZumba Fitness
9:00 AMPilates N More
9:30 AMZumba Fitness
10:00 AMCardio Abs XpressStretch XpressYoga FlowHatha Yoga 1Zumba ToningBody Pump
10:30 AMVinyasa Flow
11:00 AMSTRONG by ZumbaYogalates
11:00 AM
12:00 PM
4:30 PMPilates SculptCardio FusionBar BhangraStep & Sculpt
5:30 PMKickboxingPMetconBooty BootcampTabataBodypump
6:30 PMUltimate Body ConditioningBodypump
Cardio FusionYoga101Pilates Sculpt
7:30 PMZumba FitnessSTRONG by ZumbaYoga FlowZumba Fitness

Spin Studio

6:00 AMVirtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling
8:00 AMCycling
9:00 AMSuper CyclingSuper Cycling
10:00 AMCyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingSuper Cycling
5:30 PMCyclingCycling
6:00 PM
6:30 PMSuper CyclingCyclingCyclingSuper Cycling
7:35 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling

Small Group PT

6:00 AMHIIT & Run
6:45 AMHIIT & Run
8:00 AMVbarre
9:00 AMGladiator SchoolKnockout
10:00 AMGladiator School
5:00 PMKnockout
7:00 PMGladiator SchoolGladiator School

We Are Here to Help

We know that sometimes getting to the gym is not the easiest task. That is why the staff at Equalize Fitness is here to make sure that once you walk through those doors, being at the gym becomes the best part of your day!