Combating COVID-19 & Boosting Immune Response
Through Physical Activity

Equalize Fitness
Alex S.,  C.P.T., MS

Across the globe, COVID-19 and its highly infectious variants have successfully increased the world-wide morbidity and mortality rate that will take years (maybe decades) to reconcile. Here in America with over 500,000 confirmed deaths associated to COVID-19, citizens are struggling with both the physical and emotional side effects of the current pandemic.

It has been shown through a recent research study that the negative psychological, socioeconomic, and behavioral side effects of isolation due to COVID-19 has been linked to reduced immune system efficiency and dampened metabolic response within the human body (Ranasinghe, et al).

As a result of the current pandemic and the radical lifestyle changes that happened thereafter, many Americans are actively seeking ways to increase their body’s immune system through a variety of means. From vitamin supplementation and herbal teas, to increased protein intake and homemade remedies – it seems Americans are trying to give their body a fighting chance against illness by any means necessary.

However, there is a free and alternative method to boosting your immune system that must be considered – Physical Activity. If you have a human body and have been cleared by a doctor to perform light to moderate intensity exercise, then physical activity may be right for you! 

While it may be true that most people understand that they should be exercising more often, did you also know that physical activity has been shown to decrease the negative side effects of isolation? This includes symptoms of stress and anxiety in addition to reducing sedentary behavior and improving host immunity to a wide array of diseases – not just COVID-19 (Ranasinghe, et al).

Chances are if you or someone you know has been seen by a doctor or physical therapist for a musculoskeletal issue in the past, you have probably heard the phrase “Movement is Medicine,” “Motion is Lotion,” or some other variant that informs the general-public about the importance of daily exercise – no matter how small or how brief.

Now more than ever there is a growing need to get moving and increase physical activity during these uncertain times. If you remain wary about entering a safe fitness center setting during the continued pandemic, your favorite trainers here at EQ are here to help!

At Equalize Fitness we have implemented our novel COVID S.A.F.E. Start Program which exceeds the New York State and CDC Guidelines for fitness centers. Every 90 minutes we spray our equipment with a hospital grade germicide and disinfectant.  We always keep center occupancy below 33% capacity. In addition, we strictly adhere to the EQ Covid Code of Conduct for our members and staff. We have also made significant improvements to replicate the outdoors with our 25-foot ceilings, high indoor/outdoor air exchange rate, Merv13 filtration and increased interior air circulation.

At our wellness center, we are dedicated to each member’s fitness, safety, and total well-being. In doing so, we would like to invite you to visit our fitness center, combat the negative effects of social isolation, improve your physical and psychological health and experience for yourself the changes that have been made to ensure both member safety and client satisfaction.

With a simple, multimodal exercise plan (one that includes aerobic, resistance, balance, coordination, and mobility training) crafted individually for you by our nationally certified personal trainers, you too can begin boosting your immune response with moderate-intensity physical activity and get back on track with your fitness goals!