Bella Zumba ChampionBella

ZUMBA Instructor and Coach


      • Zumba® Fitness
      • Zumba® Toning
      • Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr 
      • Strong Nation

Education, Licenses, Certifications

  • B.S. Business Administration Specialized in Economics
  • M.S. Early Childhood Special Education with Bilingual Extension
  • M.S School Building Leadership
  • M.S District Building Leadership

BIO – Bella loves to work with communities and make a difference in people’s lives. Her commitment to connect with people from all walks of life led her to become a group fitness instructor nine years ago. Bella teaches a wide variety of group Zumba classes here at Equalize. In addition to her fitness career, she serves as a school building leader, supporting students while leading staff and faculty to reach their full potential. She also dedicates her time to spearheading fundraisers and projects for people who are less privileged at home and abroad. Her experiences have humbled her and left her eager for new opportunities to work with others.