Equalize Fitness and Wellness Memberships for the employees and family of ASC

ASC and EQ, working together to maintain a
strong and healthy community.
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Discount also applies to immediate family members in the same home!

EQ has succeeded in providing an environment which meets and/or exceeds the New York State and CDC guidelines for fitness centers. To do all that we can to keep you and your fellow members safe, we adhere to the EQ Covid Code of Conduct for our members and staff and we have made significant improvements to replicate the outdoors. With our 25-foot ceilings, high indoor/outdoor air exchange rate, Merv 13 filtration and increased interior air circulation we are able to offer you the Equalize Fitness CSS membership and CSS program. We successfully sought the review from members of the local medical community to make sure we are providing a safe fitness center. We are dedicated to your fitness, safety and total well-being. This has enabled our present visiting members to improve their general health and strengthen their immune system. Did you know that exercise significantly improves the immune system? –>The compelling link between physical activity and the body’s defense system. Your visit is led by an EQ certified fitness professional. Your guided tour will focus on the changes we’ve made to the center, and our enforcement of current safety guidelines.

Benefits of exercise: Improve Overall Health, Lessen Stress, Sleep Better, Weight Management, Injury Prevention, Improved Flexibility and More