Aerial Silks Fitness

About the Program
Aerial Silks is an alternative style of fitness suitable for any individual regardless of gender, age, body type, fitness level or range of flexibility. It is unique in that it is not only a workout to increase strength and flexibility, but also exercise cognitive skills and problem solving with the addition of the apparatus. Because of the endless possibilities of different movement of skills on the apparatus, workouts never become mundane or boring, but quite the opposite, more exciting and fun!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your current workout routine, increase your flexibility or just have fun, aerial silks fitness is a great option! Prepare to be challenged, sometimes a little confused, but mostly expect to laugh a lot!


*Please see level descriptions below.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Students are introduced to the apparatus beginning with basic climbs, foot locks, inversions (going upside down), and starting skills.

Form fitting workout clothing. No socks. Note pad and pen strongly suggested. No excessively long fingernails or jewelry.

Yes! Beginner students start low to the ground and learn conditioning moves/skills to develop the strength to advance.

Students are encouraged to climb as high as they are comfortable. However, part of the aerial world is overcoming personal challenges.

Again, flexibility is slowly introduced and another bonus that comes along with practice.

It’s recommended that at least 3 sessions are taken either private or semi-private if it seems scary.

5:30 PM – Beginner
6:30 PM – Intermediate/Advance
5:30 PM – Beginner
6:30 PM – Intermediate/Advance
1:00 PM – Beginner
2:00 PM – Intermediate/Advance
1:00 PM – Beginner
2:00 PM – Intermediate/Advance

Please complete form above, and Piper will reach out to you personally to find a day and time that works best for you.

Class Level requirements

Introduction to aerial silks for beginners with little or no experience.

Level One
Must be able to climb 10 ft. Must have basic understanding of foot locks. Must be able to complete a sequence of four skills.

Levels Two/Three
Must be able to climb 15 ft. Must be able to invert. Must be able to complete a sequence of six skills.

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Leslie B.Aerial Silks Student
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Piper is an amazing teacher; she's fun, tough, supportive and most importantly, an incredibly talented professional! She is dedicated to each student's personal goals as well as helping them get past their limitations. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from her!
KarynAerial Silks Student
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I've never followed an exercise regimen, and yet Piper has managed to turn this 50+ year old woman into a confident aerialist, performing skills that I never dreamed I was capable of doing. I'm proud to call her my teacher, and prouder still to call her my dear friend.
KatAerial Silks Student
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I hate the gym. The thought of climbing on to a machine and running in place is my own personal hell. But in 2017, I was preparing to get married and I needed to get in shape. I've grown stronger, both mentally and physically. I've been taking classes with her just about weekly ever since!
Tani G.Aerial Silks, Parent of Student
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My daughter has been training in Aerial Arts for over 5 years, 2 of those years were with Piper. She's had a tremendous impact on my daughter, and one of the few people my hug-averse daughter will hug. She is present and there for her students both pyhysically and emotionally.
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Piper is an amazing teacher. She has the perfect combination of patience and encouragement. She is able to tailor her classes to each individual so you always feel like you're getting the most out of each class and always progressing. I can’t think of a better training experience!
Cathy T.
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I've wanted to try aerial silks for decades, but my fear of heights always got in the way. I finally had the courage to sign up last year. Piper is the absolute best teacher and friend you could ask for. She's patient, funny, knowledgeable and skilled. Although learning aerial silks is a full body workout, it's so much fun you feel like you're playing the entire time. The cherry on top of Piper's classes is the sense of community she's created for her students. From the beginners to the advanced, everyone helps and cheers each other on. I can't recommend Piper's program enough and, I know from my own experience, it's never too late to start!
Maxine H.
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We met Piper in February '22. She has given the best aerial silks lessons! She gives the best and easiest directions for each move. She is concerned about safety throughout the class. She gives great cues and demonstrations during each lesson. She is funny and compassionate about the aerial silks performance.