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The Equalize Fitness Difference


Designed to tone, trim and transform the body with a fusion of ballet, pilates, and resistance training


For best results we recommend nutrition programming in addition to exercise to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Our certified nutritionist and health coach will help create your own individualized meal plan.

Personal Training

Our team of fitness professionals is eager to help you reach your goals through motivation, support, and an exercise program designed for maximum results.


Improve your mental health as well as your physical health by choosing from a variety of yoga based programs designed to ease, relax, and comfort your overall well-being.

About EQUALIZE Fitness

Looking for the perfect gym? Equalize Fitness is the perfect gym for you. Whether this is your first time in a gym, or you have always been a regular exerciser, be assured that there is someone else here making the same lifestyle change as you!

We offer Westchester’s finest team of fitness professionals – a group of people downright fanatical about keeping you motivated and on track.The member services staff will greet you with a warm and welcoming smile, your membership advisor will be a system of support along with our certified personal trainers who are here to make sure you see results. Our classes and programs are designed for people of all levels of fitness and ability.

The facility itself has been acknowledged as being one of the cleanest gyms in the Westchester area. With spa-like amenities, like a sauna and steam room, as well as complimentary towel service, we want to make sure that coming to the gym is the least stressful part of your day.

Equalize instruction, conditioning and programs target every age, including our GymCats Gymnastics and Parisi Speed School for toddlers through teens. We believe in helping everyone to build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

We invite you to share in the Equalize Fitness experience.

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Main Studio

6:00 AMVirtual BodyPumpUltimate ConditioningVirtual GRIT CardioUltimate ConditioningVirtual BodyCombat
8:00 AMVirtual BodyFlowVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowPilates MatPilates N More
9:00 AMUltimate ConditioningVirtual CXworxPiloxingVirtual GRIT StrengthBodyPumpUltimate ConditioningZumba Fitness
9:30 AMZumba FitnessZumba Fitness
10:00 AMCardio Abs XpressStretch XpressHatha Yoga 1Zumba ToningBodyPump
10:30 AMVirtual BodyFlowVinyasa FlowYoga Flow
11:00 AMSTRONG by ZumbaYoga
12:00 PMVirtual BodyPumpVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowVirtual BodyCombat
12:30 PMVirtual GRIT StrengthVirtual CXworx
3:30 PMVirtual GRIT CardioVirtual BodyPumpVirtual BodyCombatVirtual BodyFlowVirtual GRIT Strength
4:30 PMPilates SculptCardio FusionZumbaStep & SculptZumba Fitness
5:30 PMKickboxingJumptoneBooty BootcampTabataBodyPump
6:30 PMUltimate ConditioningBodyPump
Piloxing H.I.I.T.Yoga101Pilates Sculpt
7:30 PMZumba FitnessSTRONG by ZumbaYoga FlowZumba Fitness

Spin Studio

6:00 AMVirtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling Virtual Cycling
8:00 AMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingCyclingVirtual Cycling
9:00 AMSuper CyclingSuper Cycling
10:00 AMCyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingSuper Cycling
10:15 AMVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
12:30 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
4:00 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling
5:30 PMVirtual CyclingCyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingCycling
6:30 PMSuper CyclingCyclingCyclingSuper CyclingVirtual Cycling 30 mins
7:45 PMVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual CyclingVirtual Cycling

Small Group PT

6:00 AMHIIT & Run
6:15 AMHIIT & Run
8:00 AMVbarreHIIT & Run
9:00 AMGladiator SchoolKnockout
10:00 AMGladiator School
5:00 PMKnockout
7:00 PMGladiator SchoolGladiator School