Monthly Specials


Are you still thinking about making a lifestyle change? Now is the time to take the first step toward a healthier, and better feeling you!

Here is how we can help you to see, and feel the results:

Fitness Consultant and Coach

After registering for your VIP membership, one of our Fitness Consultants will reach out to you to set up an appointment here at the club. As soon as you walk through the entrance to the gym, your Fitness Consultant will be prepared to get you started on your fitness journey. They will act as a constant support system, and help you that very first day to lay out a plan based on your goals. He or she will then keep in touch with you throughout your entire membership experience!

Individualized Personal Trainer

Our team of certified personal trainers are here to make sure you have the right program design to see results. Every person is different, which is why it is so important you meet with a trainer who can show you how to exercise safely, and effectively. Your complimentary consultation with a trainer will be scheduled right away to make sure we get you started on the right program.

On Site Nutritionist

Reaching your goals will require a combination of exercise, and proper nutrition. Our certified nutritionist, and health coach can provide you with a customized meal plan that fits your nutritional needs, lifestyle, medical condition, and body type. Your consultation with the Nutritionist will also be scheduled to give you the opportunity to discuss your options for nutrition programming as well.

Group Fitness Classes

While the thought of working out with a group of people might sound intimidating, we find our most successful members, and the ones who have the most fun are those that participate in group fitness programming. No matter what your health and fitness goals, we are sure to have the right classes for you!

7 Day VIP Pass


Come take advantage of this special 7 day VIP membership to help you get started!






You might always find a reason to stop from joining the gym, don’t let that reason be a barrier between you and who you want to be. We promise that our team of fitness professionals will help you to break through those barriers to create your very own success story with Equalize Fitness.