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Upcoming Events

 Please note our revised facility
hours and group fitness schedule for Easter Sunday, April 20th!

Equalize Fitness will be open

7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

All group fitness classes are
cancelled on this day.

Welcome to Equalize Fitness! Equalize levels the playing field. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a marathon runner, a committed athlete or a sometimes-exerciser, we help you achieve your goals. Equalize instruction, conditioning and programs target every age, from GymCats for toddlers through Parisi Speed School for serious competitors and LesMills for strengthening, agility and cardiovascular health. Our group classes blend ‘foundation’ Pilates, yoga, step, and body conditioning instruction with the latest, newest and hottest trends. We assemble the best cardio and exercise equipment available. Our treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical - and our free weights and accessories - are benchmark quality. And to ensure the best possible results, we offer Westchester's finest team of fitness professionals - a group of people downright fanatical about keeping you motivated and on track. Finally, we wrap everything up in a physical plant like none other. Our facility is an architectural showcase of conditioning options and tools that carefully preserve the warm and welcome atmosphere of a neighborhood gym. Come enjoy equal parts fun, fitness and friendliness at Equalize.

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